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What safer gambling means to me


Looking at the papers and the debates in parliament, I think gambling gets a pretty bad rap.

But I think that’s unfair. Most people who bet are just like me – they do it for a bit of fun and stick within their limits. And they want to be free to have fun without the people telling them what to do and how to live their lives.

That’s why I joined the Players’ Panel, because I think there is still a stigma and misunderstanding about gambling that usually comes from the elite who don’t actually bet!

As a mother, I understand why the government needs to do more to protect children and people who are vulnerable – no one is disputing that. I can see how some people are gambling beyond their means and that gambling laws need updating to protect people.

But ultimately I should be able to spend my own money how I choose, and the idea of handing over my bank details and other private information in order to do so horrifies me! I have lots of friends who would feel the same.

So let’s not treat gamblers like criminals or idiots. There are millions of us out there and we are neither. We are ordinary people who love a bet – and we want to be heard.


About the Author



I’m Elizabeth, a Health and Safety executive living near Birmingham. I have a lovely four-year old child and four rescue cats.

I’m incredibly busy at work – health and safety is obviously high on the agenda at the moment! A little bit of online gaming– is just a nice way to wind down.

There are loads of normal happy people like me who play a little slots and bingo for fun. This is so often portrayed in a negative light but for me, it’s just a harmless bit of fun. I understand the need to protect the most vulnerable but I also believe in freedom of choice.

I joined the Players’ Panel because I want to make voice heard and show that there shouldn’t be any stigma about having a bet.