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What safer gambling means to me: Tim


I would describe myself as a responsible gambler by setting myself a monthly 'betting' budget, and never bet what I can't afford to lose – just like how I make spending decisions when running my business. I consider myself a bit of a mathematician and I’m happy to manage my gambling spending just as I manage the rest of my accounts. After all, we used to call bookmakers - Turf Accountants!

Sometimes I’ll have a good month and be up on my bets. This then goes straight into the pot for the next month. Equally, like other 'punters', I lose from time to time. But this is all part of the plan and is budgeted into the activity.

I strongly believe that it should be my right and responsibility to manage my own spending on gambling, not the government's. I’ve heard terrible rumours about them setting the maximum amounts you can spend per month. This is a totally inappropriate encroachment on my freedom and responsibility to self-regulate. And I bet you that I can manage my betting accounts better than any government official!

About the Author



I'm Tim, a semi-retired businessman from Towcester in Northamptonshire. 

Being part-retired means now I have much more time to do the things enjoy, like watching sports. My main sporting interests lie in horse and greyhound racing, with the odd foray into the world of athletics and snooker too. All these events I'm pleased to say offer punting opportunities. By managing my betting spend within a set monthly budget, I adopt similar disciplines to placing a wager as I do to my business ventures and only ever spend what I can afford.

From purchasing a scratch card in the local shop, placing a bet with a bookmaker at a racecourse, entering a sweepstake in the office, or buying a bingo card at a local social club. All are defined as gambling and for that reason I consider myself a responsible gambler!

I became a member of the Players’ Panel in the hope of bringing attention to the other side of the debate on betting and gaming, the side of responsible gamblers.