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What responsible gambling means to me: Ken

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The news of potential blanket restrictions being placed by the government on all those who enjoy putting a bet really worries me.

In my spare time, I like having a small bet and spending time with my family. After long hours of working in a university library, I love to unwind by enjoying online games and chatting with my mates on bingo. I have made several friends online while having a punt on sports.

My family and I often sit down at the weekend and watch football together. And a small bet brings us together in a spirit of friendly. Placing regular modest bets has become a large part of my social life. And I think that the government should listen to the voices of all the people across the country who just enjoy gambling as light-hearted fun like me.

I joined the Players’ Panel because I want people to know that betting for me  is a bit of fun and actually quite an important part of my life – and I’m not alone. I agree that those at risk need to be protected but I don’t think it’s a good idea for the government to place blanket restrictions on all players. It would be unfair to people like me who gamble responsibly and benefit from the fun that comes with it.

About the Author

Ken smiling


I’m Ken from Newcastle.

I am a family man. My life is all about by wife, my grown-up kids and my wonderful Bassett Hound Henry.

My wife and I both work long hours, in my case for a library at a leading university.

In my rare moments of free time, betting on sports or sometimes the online games is how I relax and also meet people – some people like going to the pub, I like chatting on bingo! Sports betting is also a great family pastime as we love to watch the sport together with a little bet to make things more exciting.

Through the Players’ Panel, I want people to see that gamblers – and there are a lot of us out there – are usually normal sensible people!