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The role of government in betting and gaming

As someone who enjoys a regular punt, whether it's placing an accumulator on the football or a quick bet on the snooker, I’m very familiar with the various platforms you can use. One of the things I always notice is the safer gambling advertisements. They’re very well integrated into commercial advertising these days, it would be hard to miss them!

Whether they’re suggesting you set a monthly limit or reminding you not to chase your losses, I’m definitely aware of them. In fact, I have even previously locked myself out of my account by accidentally clicking the button to take a break! I think they’re a brilliant tool to remind people to self-regulate and bet responsibly.

The technology really is very clever these days. When it comes to government intervention, they should be encouraging gambling companies to use this clever tech to help people at risk. This would be much preferred to old-fashioned, one-size-fits-all interventionist measures like setting manual mandatory affordability checks and maximum deposit limits. We should be embracing this technology!

About the Author



I'm Tim, a semi-retired businessman from Towcester in Northamptonshire. 

Being part-retired means now I have much more time to do the things enjoy, like watching sports. My main sporting interests lie in horse and greyhound racing, with the odd foray into the world of athletics and snooker too. All these events I'm pleased to say offer punting opportunities. By managing my betting spend within a set monthly budget, I adopt similar disciplines to placing a wager as I do to my business ventures and only ever spend what I can afford.

From purchasing a scratch card in the local shop, placing a bet with a bookmaker at a racecourse, entering a sweepstake in the office, or buying a bingo card at a local social club. All are defined as gambling and for that reason I consider myself a responsible gambler!

I became a member of the Players’ Panel in the hope of bringing attention to the other side of the debate on betting and gaming, the side of responsible gamblers.