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Please listen to responsible gamblers

Sally and terry

The government and politicians are currently looking into making new rules on betting and gaming. We keep reading in the papers about things like maximum stakes or monthly limits. We want to know, have they actually listened to anyone who really bets?

We know it’s the governments job to make new policies and that it’s important that vulnerable people are protected, but they seem to just be plucking ideas out of thin air! Most people set their own limits when they bet anyway, and all of our friends only ever bet a few quid at a time too. So what’s the need for all these restrictions when the 99% of people play safely already?

Politicians need to listen to those who actually enjoy betting when making these new rules. The majority of people we know gamble responsibly already and don’t need to be told how to do it. We live in a democracy and believe that real people should be part of this process.

So, politicians, please listen to responsible gamblers.

About the Author

Sally and terry

Sally and Terry

We’re Terry and Sally, a retired couple living in Yeovil.

We’ve got two grown-up children and Terry is a keen golfer. Another little hobby is ours is having a bet as we love our sport – it might be horses or football, but most months we spend about £150 having a punt.

This is well within what we can afford and we do it for the fun and for the social aspect, which people often overlook. We knows the managers and punters at our local Coral shop and, in normal times, it’s always nice to pop in for a coffee and chat. The banter and chat around the betting shop is great, especially for retired people.

Having a bet is just part of our everyday life like so many people in Britain. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a safe hobby for us and our son bets safely too.

Those in power need to hear from people like us.