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Online games are social and fun

Challenging the stereotypes of online betting and gaming is so important especially as the government is looking at the laws on betting over the next few months. I write these posts because I want the people who make the decisions to really understand what people get out of this activity and how much it means to them.


One of the things that people who don’t play online games often don’t realise is just how social an activity it really is.


For many years, playing in bingo halls was a key part of social life for many people in this country. Now much of bingo has moved online, you might think that it’s just tapping on a screen, playing against a computer and cutting yourself off from the outside world…


Far from it! In fact, online bingo is a brilliant way of meeting people and having fun with your friends. It was for me at least!


Online bingo is for so many people as much about the chat, the forums, the commentary. Most sites offer plenty of different chatroom games to play on so you can meet people online and play against your friends whenever you choose.


It’s quite common to host a bingo night with friends without having to leave the comfort of your own lounge. Some people might see this as lazy, but unlike me and many others they probably don’t have to worry about babysitters every time they want to go out! And we’re all looking for things to do inside in the freezing British winter…


For older people or people who live in isolated areas in particular, the social side of bingo is a vital source of companionship and conversation. It’s an antidote to loneliness and solitude.


Some might turn their nose up at it, but online social bingo is so important to so many people. 

About the Author



I’m Elizabeth, a Health and Safety executive living near Birmingham. I have a lovely four-year old child and four rescue cats.

I’m incredibly busy at work – health and safety is obviously high on the agenda at the moment! A little bit of online gaming– is just a nice way to wind down.

There are loads of normal happy people like me who play a little slots and bingo for fun. This is so often portrayed in a negative light but for me, it’s just a harmless bit of fun. I understand the need to protect the most vulnerable but I also believe in freedom of choice.

I joined the Players’ Panel because I want to make voice heard and show that there shouldn’t be any stigma about having a bet.