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Gambling is a hobby like any other


It’s never easy to balance work and domestic caring responsibilities. On a normal day I go to work early in the morning and get home in the evening after an incredibly busy day at work. Then I need to look after my little one and our cats, coupled with cooking, cleaning and washing up.

I need time to relax. That’s why I like playing a little slots and bingo in my spare time. Online gaming is an escape for normal people like me who have to juggle work and family responsibilities. I don’t understand why this is seen as being different to people going for a drink after work. I of course realise that some vulnerable people experience harm and couldn’t agree more that they should be protected, but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of everybody else.

The negative stereotypes of gambling used by politicians and some media have worried me. Gambling is a leisure pursuit like any other. It would be unfair if the government were to tell me which hobbies I should have and put over the top restrictions on gambling but no other activities. They should think about this with any new rules they want to make.

About the Author



I’m Elizabeth, a Health and Safety executive living near Birmingham. I have a lovely four-year old child and four rescue cats.

I’m incredibly busy at work – health and safety is obviously high on the agenda at the moment! A little bit of online gaming– is just a nice way to wind down.

There are loads of normal happy people like me who play a little slots and bingo for fun. This is so often portrayed in a negative light but for me, it’s just a harmless bit of fun. I understand the need to protect the most vulnerable but I also believe in freedom of choice.

I joined the Players’ Panel because I want to make voice heard and show that there shouldn’t be any stigma about having a bet.