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Betting is part of the football fun – we should be celebrating it

Ken smiling

Getting to see our Lions make it through to the finals of the European Championships was a highlight of my year and a taste of normal life in these strange times.

Like many fans across the UK, as well as the game, I enjoyed betting and having a punt throughout the tournament.

For many people, this is a hobby, a pastime, it’s entertainment that willingly spend our own money on. Having a punt added to the excitement of the Euros.

Watching matches with my daughter and son-in-law is tie we enjoy spending together as a family. When we have a few quid on, it becomes a competition between us and there is plenty of banter and teasing and discussion.

For us, as well as giving us even more to talk about it’s a way of testing our sports knowledge and expertise – or just the hunch that we have about a game. If we win a bit, great – and like the vast majority we bet what we can afford.

We all have our own way of enjoying our sport. Betting was a big part of the fun of Euros and we should be celebrating it.

About the Author

Ken smiling


I’m Ken from Newcastle.

I am a family man. My life is all about by wife, my grown-up kids and my wonderful Bassett Hound Henry.

My wife and I both work long hours, in my case for a library at a leading university.

In my rare moments of free time, betting on sports or sometimes the online games is how I relax and also meet people – some people like going to the pub, I like chatting on bingo! Sports betting is also a great family pastime as we love to watch the sport together with a little bet to make things more exciting.

Through the Players’ Panel, I want people to see that gamblers – and there are a lot of us out there – are usually normal sensible people!