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Betting is my bit of fun

Ken in his garden

People bet for different reasons. For me betting is my main outlet for rest and relaxation.

I have a very busy life. I do a lot for my family and my Basset Hound Henry. Betting is my enjoyment. Some people may go to the cinema or theatre or just have a couple of beers all good social outlets which cost a bit of money. For me it’s bingo and some sports betting.

I play bingo for enjoyment, fun and excitement. It allows me to socialise when I’m playing in the chat room, meeting many characters and often finding a common rapport and eventually making new friends.

I work very hard and often long hours, so this is great stress therapy. It’s something I can do from home in the rare moments I get to kick back from work and family.

As well as bingo I have a real passion and knowledge about football. I’m an avid Newcastle United fan. It brings out a competitive side in me, and having a bet enhances the social side of watching a game as well as providing extra excitement for a match.

My social life is around my family and we have a shared passion for sport. Placing a few pounds around our sports is something that adds extra fun to our love for sport.

Like most people I’m not foolish with my betting. The small amount that I am prepared to lose when gambling is around the cost of two pints of beer on a weekly basis. Not a lot in anyone’s book – and I believe I get good value for the money that I am prepared to spend.

I recognise that we need to protect people who do have a gambling problem – but I also know that people like me shouldn’t lose out on what is a precious pastime. I know lots of other people who feel the same so I’m speaking out for them too!

About the Author

Ken smiling


I’m Ken from Newcastle.

I am a family man. My life is all about by wife, my grown-up kids and my wonderful Bassett Hound Henry.

My wife and I both work long hours, in my case for a library at a leading university.

In my rare moments of free time, betting on sports or sometimes the online games is how I relax and also meet people – some people like going to the pub, I like chatting on bingo! Sports betting is also a great family pastime as we love to watch the sport together with a little bet to make things more exciting.

Through the Players’ Panel, I want people to see that gamblers – and there are a lot of us out there – are usually normal sensible people!