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Another year without information

Andy, Players' Panel Member

2022 is almost finished and responsible gamblers are still none the wiser as to how their rights are set to be impacted by the government.

We’ve been subjected to rumours for years about how our hobby is going to be restricted. This was supposed to be the year where we at least received some clarity from politicians, even if it seems like the changes are set to go too far.

I get there’s been a bit of disruption in Westminster. Ok, a lot of disruption. But there are real life consequences to all this. Anti-gambling campaigners want to demonise responsible people and until we get some certainty, they are going to carry on doing it.

Here’s to some more clarity from the government in 2023. Let’s hope they’ve used the time they have to think about how to get the balance right for protecting those who are at risk, and the vast majority who are sick of being in the dark.

About the Author

Andy 2


I'm Andy and I live in Ossett Wakefield. I have been married for 23 years and have 2 children.

I work for a local family run business which is a 10 minute walk from where I live, and have worked there 24 years starting at the bottom of the ladder and progressed through the company to now being their production manager.

Throughout the lockdown with people isolating and ordering more things online we have been extremely busy and sometimes it can be very stressful so I look forward to going home and watching horse racing and football on TV. I love having a small wager on the horses and get great satisfaction when I have picked the winning horse.