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What players really think

We hear a lot about betting and gambling.

But what do customers themselves think about their pastime and how it should be regulated in the future? We surveyed 1,500 people from across the UK who gamble a least once a month.

Survey results: What players think about the future of betting



in 10 people in the UK gamble every year.*

73 %

of gamblers believe that betting is a leisure activity like any other.

79 %

of regular gamblers believe individuals should be free to choose their leisure activities.

67 %

of gamblers say gambling companies should introduce voluntary measures to help gamblers regulate their own play.†

81 %

believe individuals should be free to decide whether they gamble†

73 %

are concerned about their privacy rights when it comes to data sharing to prove affordability.

30 %

of gamblers have had either direct or indirect experience with gambling on the black market.


gamblers would consider turning to the black market if a £2 staking limit was placed on online casino games and online sport betting.

68 %

believe individuals should be free to decide how much they gamble†

64 %

believe that individuals themselves are best placed to decide how much they can afford to gamble†

71 %

believe that staking limits should be voluntary and set by gamblers themselves†

45 %

would consider gambling on the black market if they had to provide proof of income in order to play


Research undertaken in December 2020. A UK nationally representative survey of 1,500 18+ year-old general public who gamble at least once a month. Additional figures from

*UK general public, nationally representative survey of 1,500 people, May 2020

†Survey of 1,781 Entain customers, July 2020